Long before I fell in love with photography, I fell in love with childhood. To me, there is nothing sweeter than the wonderment of a child, the way their eyes draw you to the details of the world. Puddle-jumping, flower-admiring, star-gazing joy that is so beautiful and all too fleeting. I strive to capture those moments for every family I photograph, to preserve the memories of their wispy hair and the soft curve of their cheek. As a mother of three, nothing delights me more than photographs of my children… I just want to remember every moment! The ability to give that feeling to other families is such a privilege.

My sweet sons and daughter are my inspirations, the source of my laughter, mini-muses with silly smiles and sticky hands.

My style is modern, bright, and fun. I like to capture colors to reflect the way our children see them–inviting and captivating. I shoot families and couples in natural light, and love finding new locations to perfectly set the scene. A teacher in my past life, I know how important it is to connect with kids first so they can feel comfortable enough to open up during the session. I always catch a few posed, smiling family portraits, but the best shots come when a family forgets about the camera and starts acting like they do in their living room. The images parents end up loving the most are the ones that provide a glimpse into their child’s real personality and reflect their signature expressions.

I photograph my tiniest clients, from sweet-smelling newborns still in their dreamy, sleepy state, to chubby toddlers with the most innocent smiles, in my fully-appointed studio in Mission Viejo, California. The images of these angels are carefully created while their families relax and take a moment to study their delicate, tiny features as they are captured and preserved.

After every session, heirloom-quality art products are created with your images.  Linen-bound albums, stunning canvases, custom framed galleries, fine art prints in textures and finishes that make them truly unique.  The artwork can then be proudly displayed in your home, a little slice of life as it is in this moment, and will never be again.

For me, photography is about light and love. There isn’t anything I’d rather do.